Innovative port Mobile Hopper System receives industry praise

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In recognition of our focus on innovation, LINX Port Services has been named as a finalist in the Daily Cargo News Excellence in Bulk Logistics or Heavy Lift Award, as part of the 2020 DCN Australian Shipping and Maritime Industry Awards.

The nomination follows the successful deployment of a new Mobile Hopper System (MHS) which was developed in collaboration with specialist equipment supplier, Mobile Conveyor Services (MCS).

The new MHS offers an efficient and flexible solution for discharge requirements at multiple ports and berths and is already in operation supporting BlueScope Steel at LINX’s Port Kembla site, NSW.

The MHS brings significant advantages particularly in safety, mobility, and product handling capability, and is an alternative to the traditional large hoppers that are required at every port where bulk cargoes are imported through.

Unlike the MHS, traditional hoppers require large capital expenditure and are a fixed asset that can only be operated at the nominated berth. They are also often limited by the materials that can be handled, product flow, and at times the ability of vessel cranes to reach into them.

Mobile Hopper System (MHS) key features:

  • Handles product densities from 0.3 to 3.0 tonnes/cubic metre.
  • Loads directly into trucks via the conveyor.
  • Operated by radio remote control and moves with escort.
  • Weigher is positioned under the belt.
  • Tug Tractor can be used for moving the trailer on sites with limited space for manoeuvring (the tug has less forward projection than a prime mover and can turn in its own length, making it better suited to tight sites than a prime mover).

For BlueScope Steel, the MHS is regularly dispatched where required at Port Kembla and handles bulk cargo that was previously not able to be discharged at their two main bulk berths. The equipment shows its versatility by being available on-call and able to pre-set the tonnes to be loaded into trucks. The MHS has also been further adapted to accommodate scrap shred steel to reduce the need to double handle product with Front End Loaders, further improving safety and productivity.

While this is the first iteration of the MHS, its success in providing an outstanding solution for bulk cargo handling in a port-to-port or multiple berths scenarios shows there is strong potential and LINX Port Services, with MCS, is well placed to support the industry into the future.

LINX Cargo Care Group