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The LINX Port Services team has received high praise from our Japanese shipping customer, NYK Shipping Line, commending us on our efforts to minimise motor vehicle handling damage. 

Our team’s achievements were celebrated at the annual customer meeting between LINX and NYK on 4 July 2019, where we were recognised for our strong operational performance over the previous year. 

Pleasingly, all but one of our eight port sites didn’t record any incidents of cargo damage for the Japanese fiscal year ending 31st March 2019. These outstanding results are not only impressing our long-standing customers, it means our region was the best performing region out of the eight regions where NYK operates. 

Our results speak for themselves; we improved on three recorded incidents in 2017, to only two in 2018 and handled 332,085 units. Comparatively, the region that came in second to us was Asia, with 14 recorded incidents in the same year. NYK tally their statistic by factoring in the volume of product handled against the number of incidents to ensure it’s fair across all ports that have different volume levels.  

This business-wide accomplishment for the LINX Port Services team greatly contributed towards our Melbourne and Adelaide Ports winning NYK’s 2018 Port of the Year Award in the major ports and lower volume ports categories, respectively.  

The announcement of our successes followed NYK’s completion of their annual supplier performance review, which they conducted across all their global regions where they ship cargo. 

LINX Port Services’ PCC RORO National Operations Manager, Anthony Proebstl, said that NYK’s recognition wawell-deserved as the team had nationally put in a lot of hard work timprove cargo quality control. 

Stevedoring our customers’ cargo damage-free is one of our key focuses and we’re proud our efforts are resulting in excellent outcomes for customers like NYK, said Anthony. 

I commend all our Port Services people on their combined efforts to achieve such praise on a global scale, this inspires us as we continue to strive for customer service excellence for all our customers.” 

Pictured: Senior leaders from LINX Port Services and LINX Cargo Care Group joined with NYK’s Australian representatives for the annual customer meeting and to celebrate LINX’s achievements.



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