LINX’s new Kenworth K200 fleet

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LINX Logistics in Griffith, NSW, has welcomed six new Kenworth K200 Prime Mover trucks to our fleet. Our LINX team have worked closely with the manufacturer to design and build trucks to meet the highest levels of reliability, safety and durability. This fleet of trucks will handle any task given to them and will travel over a million kilometres within the first three years to keep logistic supply chains moving across Australia – they are true linehaul trucks.

All of these trucks have safeguards to ensure the safety of not only the driver but other road users as well, including features such as active cruise braking, lane departure warning, electronic brake safety systems, a collision warning system and active cab entry. All this combined with a spacious cab will give the driver the most comfortable and safe journey.

“Kenworth is a favoured truck by drivers,” said LINX Logistics General Manager, Wayne Alpen.

The K200’s superior quality means they have an extended lifespan aligned to the fleet cascade plan and are able to be redeployed across various fleet applications, resulting in excellent total cost of ownership outcomes across the fleet.

By investing in high quality equipment we are investing in our drivers and the needs of our customers.

LINX Cargo Care Group