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LINX Cargo Care Group announced today that it has been successful in its bid to operate the Enfield Intermodal Terminal in Western Sydney currently operated by Aurizon.

The logistics infrastructure and solutions provider will lease and operate the NSW Ports-owned intermodal terminal located 18 kilometres from Port Botany in Sydney’s west.

Infrastructure NSW forecasts truck traffic at Port Botany will increase by 400% by 2030, largely driven by expected growth in freight volumes.

Container movements through Port Botany are forecast to increase from two million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) in 2011 to seven million in 2031, creating a bottle-neck through the existing rail line and road network out of the port.

LINX Cargo Care Group CEO Anthony Jones said the port shuttle service LINX will operate between Enfield and Port Botany will reduce traffic congestion in Sydney by taking freight off roads and moving it by rail from the port to the major freight precinct in Sydney’s west.

“Given the forecast for such a significant increase in road and rail congestion across Sydney over the next decade or so, LINX is committed to working closely with the NSW State Government to develop an effective and achievable solution that will reduce the impact of increased freight movements across the city,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said part of the solution could include the duplication of the freight rail line between Port Botany and the interstate corridor mainline.

The Enfield Intermodal Terminal is a 15.1-hectare leasehold from NSW Ports, with terminal capacity of 300,000 TEU annually.

Located close to Sydney’s major M4 and M5 motorways, with a dedicated freight line to Port Botany and direct access to the interstate mainline corridor, the Enfield Intermodal Logistics Centre (ILC) includes the intermodal terminal, warehousing and buildings with vacant land for the development of rail-related warehousing, freight forwarding, IMEX (Import and Export), transport and distribution facilities.

“LINX is currently working closely with NSW Ports to support the development of a freight hub on the land surrounding the Enfield Intermodal Terminal,” Mr Jones said.

NSW Ports CEO Marika Calfas said one of NSW Ports’ key objectives is increasing the number of containers moved by rail to and from Port Botany.

“LINX are well placed to expand the intermodal and rail services at the Enfield ILC and grow the rail mode share to and from Australia’s premier port,” Ms Calfas said.

Mr Jones said the Intermodal Terminal gives LINX the capability to grow regional and metro connections and offer exporters and importers in regional NSW and Western Sydney seamless and efficient supply chain solutions.

“We aim to fully optimise the Enfield operation to offer a dedicated port shuttle service to Port Botany, a freight hub to connect regional trains to Sydney Metro and a dedicated empty container park service,” Mr Jones said.

“On the import supply chain, Enfield is strategically positioned to service the main import freight catchments in North West, Western and Inner West areas of Sydney.

“On the export supply chain, Enfield is also strategically positioned to service all of the rural export catchment trains thanks to its location on the intersection of all rural and metro train lines.

“LINX offers a fully-integrated supply chain solution utilising purpose-built warehousing at Enfield to radically improve the supply chain for importers and exporters in Sydney and regional NSW.”

Mr Jones said rail is a key part of LINX’s strategy.

“LINX has been building its rail capabilities for the past year in readiness for an opportunity like this,” Mr Jones said.

About LINX Cargo Care Group
LINX Cargo Care Group brings together the capabilities of four market-leading operations built on over 100 years of port and logistics experience.  Together, LINX, Autocare, C3 and Geelong Port employs more than 3,800 highly-skilled professionals in 60 sites across Australia and New Zealand.  The Group services a diverse range of industries right across the region, from Agriculture, oil and gas, aluminium and automotive to marine, mining and resources, food and beverage and forestry. Every year, the LINX Cargo Care group of companies handles more than 11 million tonnes of bulk products, almost 2 million tonnes of steel and more than 31 million logs.  They also transport more than 1 million new vehicles across Australia from shore to door and process more than 600,000 vehicles for many of the region’s largest fleet operators. LINX Cargo Care Group has the regional capabilities and global connections to develop innovative, integrated supply chain solutions with sustainable growth opportunities.

Background on Enfield ILC
Enfield ILC (Intermodal Logistics Centre), owned by NSW Ports, is set on 60 hectares of prime industrial zoned land located in central west Sydney. The site encompasses the Enfield Intermodal Terminal (to be managed by LINX) and 30 hectares of serviced industrial land, ready for warehousing development in partnership with the Goodman Group.

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