LINX Cargo Care Group brings together the capabilities and expertise of four market-leading operations built on over 100 years of ports and logistics experience.

Anthony Jones - LINX Cargo Care Group CEO
Anthony Jones – LINX Cargo Care Group CEO

Together, the group’s four businesses; LINX, Autocare, C3 and GeelongPort employ more than 3,800 people in 60 sites across Australia and New Zealand.

The LINX brand emerged following the separation from Patrick and the Asciano group of companies in August 2016.  Now owned by global alternative asset manager Brookfield and its investment partners (GIC, bcIMC, QIA), the LINX Group of businesses has the regional capabilities and global connections to develop holistic, well-resourced solutions with long-term growth opportunities for its customers.

Group CEO, Anthony Jones said “We have so much to be proud of.  What we have achieved over the past year, since transitioning from Asciano to Brookfield’s ownership, is nothing short of astounding!”

“The transition from Asciano has not been without its challenges. It’s taken a tremendous amount of work to establish our new organisation and I have been overwhelmed by the extraordinary people in our teams – the ‘best and brightest’ in the industry – who’ve made what seemed impossible, possible. I’m extremely encouraged and excited about the next 12 months on our prosperous journey.”

Anthony has enjoyed a very long career in the transport and logistics industry over the past 18 years.  Initially, joining Patrick as a Stevedore and quickly progressing through the operational ranks to take-up management and senior leadership roles.

“Through the Asciano group of companies, I had the opportunity to move to Pacific National and lead a Division of their rail business for many years.  I then moved back to the Patrick business to lead Patrick’s Bulk Port Service and Terminals across the eastern and southern seaboard of Australia.  Today, I’m very proud to lead the newly formed LINX Cargo Care Group under Brookfield’s ownership,” said Anthony.

The LINX Group provides services and integrated logistics solutions to customers from a diverse range of industries across the region, from agriculture, aluminium, automotive, forestry, food and beverage, mining, marine, oil and gas, major retail and resources.

Anthony says, “we strive to be innovative, we are agile and we work together to give our customers what they need, where they need it, when they need it.”

Innovating for Growth

When faced with the challenges of today’s tough markets, the LINX Group continues to focus on new ways to create and deliver value to its customers.

Home Safely, Every Day is a mantra at LINX Cargo Care Group

“Across our organisation, our leaders use Business Improvement tools to gain a better understanding of our customers’ needs. Using these insights, we improve our business goals and provide customers with more value.  Our methodologies enable us to transform and enhance our customer partnerships by combining the use of technology and collective ideas to design innovative, tailored solutions for our customers,” said Anthony.

Innovation is a key part of the LINX Group’s business strategy.  It underpins the concepts of delivering for their stakeholders and customers, while continually improving processes and developing their people. Combine this with their long history and significant ports and logistics experience, and the LINX Group has a winning formula for success and a competitive advantage.

“We play an integral role throughout the supply chain and continually work to understand our customers’ business so we can grow together.  Through our disciplined continuous improvement methodology, we provide cost-effective, innovative supply chain solutions which enable our customers to grow locally and globally, and become more competitive in their markets,” he said.

“The challenge of ensuring a complex end-to-end supply chain involving the handling of products via a range of transport modes, including road, rail and sea freight, is what excites us,” said Anthony.

LINX Cargo Care Group builds their customer partnerships on three things:  Innovative supply chain design, collaborative trust, and a genuine desire to challenge the way they do things and try new ideas together.

Importantly, everyone at LINX upholds Safety as a core value.

“The entire team is driven by the determination to be the safest organisation possible for the benefit of our customers and the communities in which we operate.  Our duty of care is of utmost importance, particularly given the nature of the interaction our day-to-day businesses have with the general public.  This core responsibility is at the centre of everything we do, ensuring everyone goes home safely, every day.” Anthony said.

Building the Workforce of the Future

With a clear vision for the future, Anthony is passionate about taking his people on the journey. The adage ‘to win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace,” rings truer than ever for this CEO.

The biggest transformation in the workplace today is the increasing adoption of technology.

“The biggest transformation in the workplace today is, without a doubt, the increasing adoption of technology. And we are at the centre of it. This transformation has been painful for many.  However rather than technology being a threat, the addition of automation across our industry will likely create new jobs and opportunities as new technologies make processes faster, safer and more efficient – and as a result, the logistics market will grow, along with its workforce,” Anthony said.

To be successful throughout this upheaval, industry leaders need to bring their people along with them.  They need to inspire, to be the front-runners that set precedents, and at the same time, unleash imagination amongst their employees.

Employees need to upskill and demonstrate flexibility to have the mental stamina to embrace the endless change that new waves of technologies will bring, and remove their fear of the new.

The logistics industry of the future will employ highly skilled professionals in positions that do not exist today.  An employee’s willingness and ability to acclimatise and assimilate new technology is critical.

The bottom line is that automation can enhance the logistics workforce, as long as people are brought along on the journey through good leadership.

Another critical factor is how we diversify skillsets across the workforce for people to work within the increasing complexity of the industry. With access to real-time data, customers’ needs can change daily through all parts of the supply chain. Increased visibility of their cargo via technology increases their expectations of real-time responses. This transparency means employees need to anticipate responses and provide tailored solutions to meet customers changing needs – anytime, anywhere.

“To remain agile and nimble in an ever-changing market, workforce capabilities and attitudes need to change and employees need to keep up with this new way of working to ensure we are responsive to our customers’ needs.  The pace of technology change requires us to adapt quickly and efficiently to meet our customers’ expectations, or even better, exceed them.

“Diversity for us is not just about ensuring more women are given the opportunity to join our team – that’s a key component – it’s about pro-actively creating a diverse and inclusive workplace with a broader mix of capabilities and mindsets.  We see diversity and inclusion as leadership responsibilities, not HR responsibilities, which is why our leaders play a key role in building capability to work more effectively in diverse teams, and adapt quickly to the future needs of the logistics industry,” Anthony said.

At LINX Cargo Care Group, diversity and inclusion are intrinsically linked to their core values and the way they work.  One of their key organisational priorities is to engage and strengthen leadership to champion change and foster a diverse, respectful and inclusive culture.

“We believe our future business success is heavily reliant on how well we understand our customers – how well we adapt to new technologies – and how well we recruit, engage, develop and manage people with different backgrounds and thinking styles.  By leveraging the experience and ideas of our people and embracing different viewpoints, we gain a better understanding of our diverse customer base, and ultimately, this enables greater innovation,” said Anthony.

The team at LINX are firmly focused on the future and continue to analyse and question how they move their organisation from today to tomorrow.  This 100-year old start-up is a great business, full of great people, taking their customers on an exciting and prosperous journey.

This article originally appeared in Shipping Australia Limited’s 2017 Annual Review (PDF).

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