New access to a global network, from Dampier via Singapore

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Our customer Toll Global Logistics recently established a fortnightly direct commercial shipping service for containerised and project cargo, open for anyone to utilise, allowing sea freight to be shipped from anywhere in the world to Dampier, WA via Singapore.

This service links to both the Pilbara Region and Australia’s North West, with our LINX Port Services team in Dampier providing the stevedoring for the loading and discharge of vessels on behalf of Toll.

Services at Toll’s Dampier site

  • Unpacking
  • Container storage
  • Fumigation
  • Quarantine inspection
  • Cargo cleaning
  • Tailgate inspection
Site stats:

  • 12 hectares of laydown area
  • 3,7000m2 of undercover storage
  • Approved dangerous goods storage
  • Cranes that load up to 150 tonnes
  • Forklifts that transport up to 16 tonnes.

Business benefits:

  • Cost – this service will eliminate road freight costs from Fremantle.
  • Time – shorter, direct routes will result in reduced delivery times.
  • Export – the new route is two way allowing export opportunities.
  • Local transport – freight needing to be distributed will create opportunities for local transport companies.


Environmental benefits  

The new route reduces road safety risks and emissions due to fewer trucks being on the road. There is an expected reduction of 3.8 million kilometres of road and train travel and three million litres of diesel each year, providing significant safety improvements and environmental benefits.

Although we only provide stevedoring services in this supply chain, our LINX Port Services team in Dampier ensures they Act Like They Own It by providing great customer service, completing full safety checks of the vessel and being aware of quarantine issues that they may come across.

LINX Cargo Care Group