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This section includes a range of COVID-19 related resources for you to read, share and display in your workplaces.

Wellbeing Conversations Resources

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JobKeeper resources

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JobKeeper Fact Sheet_Overview128kB
JobKeeper Fact Sheet_Entitlements and Tax98kB
JobKeeper Fact Sheet_FWAct Amendments134kB
JobKeeper Fact Sheet_Payment Schedule (weekly)102kB
JobKeeper PAYSLIP 2 example136kB
JobKeeper PAYSLIP 1 example160kB
JobKeeper PAYSLIP 1 example -C3 Australia-EASTERN REGION131kB
JobKeeper PAYSLIP 1 example -C3 Australia-WESTERN REGION129kB
JobKeeper PAYSLIP 2 example-C3 Australia-WESTERN REGION104kB
JobKeeper PAYSLIP 2 example-C3 Australia-EASTERN REGION109kB

Staying in touch

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LINX CCG - Yammer Cheat Sheet421kB

Printable posters

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We Are One... COVID19 Employee Portal Poster166kB
LINXCCG - Social Distancing Poster314kB
COVIDSafe App - Download today poster4198kB
COVIDSafe App - Know faster if you ve come in contact with Coronavirus poster318kB
Simple steps to help stop the spread AUSGOV208kB
Have you recently travelled overseas AUSGOV141kB
Good hygiene is in your hands AUSGOV166kB

Health and Wellbeing resources

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LINX CCG - Employee Wellbeing Handbook1086kB
Stealth Mindfulness - Destress Monday580kB
Mental Health - PA - Coronavirus-Families-tip-sheet130kB
Mental Health - Mindspot - 10 Psychological Tips for coping588kB
Mental Health - MHFA - Dealing_with_covid19_anxiety235kB
Mental Health - Enmasse - COVID-19 Health Tips334kB
Mental Health - Assure-Programs-Understanding-health-anxiety66kB
Mental Health - Assure-Programs-Self-care-during-times-of-uncertainty92kB
Mental Health - Assure-Programs-Reduce-your-risk-minimise-your-anxiety360kB
Mental Health - Assure Programs - Reduce your risk take care of your mental health309kB
Mental Health - APS-Maintaining your mental health during social isolation136kB
Physical Health - ER - Exercise-at-Home_Adults125kB
Physical Health - Enmasse - COVID-19 Health Tips334kB
Physical Health - BUPA - Exercise-For-A-Healthier-Body-And-Mind442kB
Physical Health - Assure-Programs-Reduce-your-risk-look-after-your-health361kB
Physical Health - Assure-Programs-Reduce-your-risk-health-and-hygiene-tips201kB
Physical Health - Assure-Programs-COVID-19-Social-distancing84kB
Financial Health - LINX CCG - Government Financial Assistance311kB
Financial Health - Assure-Programs-Financial-wellbeing-in-times-of-uncertainty92kB
Caring for Children - WHO - helping-children-cope-with-stress52kB
Caring for Children - ER-at-Home_A3-Kids-Activities245kB
Caring for Children - EM - Helping-children-cope-with-COVID191408kB
Caring for Children - BB - Self-regulation341kB
Caring for Children - Assure Programs - Understanding the impact of uncertainty on children64kB
Caring for Older People - AG - coronavirus-covid-19-supporting-older-australians293kB
Caring for Teens - MHFA - tips_for_mh_during_covid_19_v4_mhfa563kB
Caring for Teens - Headspace-Fact-Sheet-Coping-with-COVID-19-Stress97kB
Caring for Teens - eSafety - aus-global-parent-online-safety-advice1156kB
Caring for Older People - APS-IS-COVID-19-Public-Older_adults109kB
Sleep - 6 tips for good sleep hygiene275kB
Sleep - How sleep affects your health - sleep deprivation296kB
Managing Difficult Emotions - Keep a cool head when things get heated314kB
Anxiety - How to manage your anxiety165kB

ASSURE EAP Employee Awareness Video

LINX Cargo Care Group

BlueScope Steel and LINX, a successful business partnership

Customer partnership In 2002, BlueScope Steel Ltd (BSL) originally engaged our LINX business for stevedoring at the Port Kembla and Westernport sites in Australia and in Tauranga, New Zealand. The Australian Stevedoring Service Agreement (ASSA) originally included steel product stevedoring (up two million tonnes of coil, slab, plate) on and off shipping vessels. Our long-standing, … Continued

Autocare to boost used car transfers

Our Autocare Services business is revving up our fleet of vehicle transporters in a move to respond to the market shifts that have taken place since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic shutdown. Autocare Services specialises in moving new vehicles from the docks to car dealerships and we are watching trends in the … Continued